See what Cloud Cascade Engine can do for your company.


The Cloud Cascade Engine runs inside your company, so all your security and encryption-related data is stored in-house. more...

Storage Encryption

Cloud Cascade Engine automatically encrypts all used cloud block storage, transparently and in the background, so all of the work is taken care of for you. more...

Encryption Keys

Encryption keys are stored in-house and your cloud provider has no data access. Automatic key management occurs in the background. more...

Easy Access

Cloud Cascade Engine provides simple, unified access to different cloud providers. more...


Cloud Cascade Engine allows you to ensure IaaS cloud computing complies with your company rules, leaving your cloud users free to get on with their tasks within the correct boundaries. more...


Harden and automatically secure your cloud infrastructure, in line with tailored corporate guidelines. more...

Secure Data Transfer

Securely and easily transfer data to and from the cloud, and make sure it stays safe with encrypted cloud storage. more...


Integrate cloud infrastructure into your company corporate services like Directory Service or Configuration Management. more...


Cloud Cascade Engine provides simple, unified interface to multiple cloud vendors. AWS and OpenStack are already supported, Azure is in beta and more will follow ... more...

Web SSH client

One-click SSH access directly in your browser window with a built-in HTML5 ssh client. more...


Customize cloud instances. Define a mandatory baseline and allow your users customize certain parameters. more...

Cloud Templates

Don't repeat your setup, save your cloud session parameters as a template for later re-use. Share your templates within your team or company. more...

How it works

  • 1

    Install Cloud Cascade Engine

    Install CCE inside your company and configure for your favorite cloud providers.

  • 2

    Connect to Corporate Services

    Connect CCE to Directory Service, Corporate Storage and Configuration Management systems. Limit and define access.

  • 3

    Access Cloud Cascade WebUI

    Gain access to the simple web interface from within your local network.

  • 4

    Start using the cloud

    CCE will dispatch your requests, support you with automatic data transfer, data encryption, security settings, instance customization and ssh/encryption key handling.

CCE Architecture Overview


Screenshots of the Cloud Cascade WebUI.


Following Cloud Cascade Engine (CCE) products are available.


€ 0.00 / month

  • Storage Encryption
  • Secure Data Transfers
  • Encryption Key Management
  • Multi Cloud
  • Cloud Templates
  • UDS Scripting
  • ADS Scripting
  • WebSSH
  • Remote Desktop
  • PostgresQL DB backend
  • 10 Users Limit
  • 10 Cloud Items Limit
  • Support: community (mailing list, IRC)
  • Engine.Box support


on request

  • Storage Encryption
  • Secure Data Transfers
  • Encryption Key Management
  • Multi Cloud
  • Cloud Templates
  • UDS Scripting
  • ADS Scripting
  • WebSSH
  • Remote Desktop
  • Commercial DBMS backends
  • 1 User/License Slot
  • 1 Cloud Item/License Slot
  • Support: Mail/Ticket/Phone
  • Engine.Box support


CCE products can be downloaded and installed on all current versions of Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL, CentOS or Fedora Linux on customers own hardware. If, however, customer prefers full installed, plug and play ready device the Engine.Box with pre-installed Enterprise.Engine is the right choice:


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CASB and do my company need one?

According to Gartner IT Glossary: Cloud access security brokers (CASBs) are on-premises, or cloud-based security policy enforcement points, placed between cloud service consumers and cloud service providers to combine and interject enterprise security policies as the cloud-based resources are accessed. CASBs consolidate multiple types of security policy enforcement. Example security policies include authentication, single sign-on, authorization, credential mapping, device profiling, encryption, tokenization, logging, alerting, malware detection/prevention and so on.

Can I use Cloud Cascade Engine for every cloud service ?

Cloud Cascade Engine supports Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas) cloud services and vendors.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Openstack are the first supported cloud service platforms, while Azure and other vendors will be introduced later.

Where can I download Cloud Cascade Engine ?

You can request a free download link of the Free.Engine by sending a request to sales(at)wintermute.ai.

Who is behind wintermute.ai ?

Cloud Cascade Engine is developed and distributed by wintermute.ai UG, Munich (Germany) based company.

I would like to know more, how can I reach you ?

Find us on Twitter, join our mailing list or check our IRC live chat #wintermute.ai on FreeNode

Contact Us

wintermute.ai UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Zeppelinstr. 73
81669 München

+49 89 23512956